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Event ITB, Universitas LIA, and PT CAA


Friday. May 21, 2024.

The collaboration between the business world and the educational realm at Universitas LIA and ITB represents a strategic step towards a brighter future. By uniting academic and industrial strengths, these two universities create an ecosystem that supports innovation and skill development.

At Universitas LIA, synergy with leading companies provides students with direct access to real-world experiences, enriching the curriculum with practical and applicable knowledge. Meanwhile, at ITB, this collaboration gives rise to various relevant research projects and technological solutions that significantly impact the industry.

This partnership not only opens doors for students to pursue careers in the business world but also offers companies the opportunity to contribute to developing top talent. Thus, Universitas LIA and ITB become not only centers of education but also hubs of innovation driving economic and social progress.

This collaboration demonstrates that when education and business go hand in hand, they can create extraordinary impacts, preparing the younger generation to face global challenges and bring positive changes across various sectors. It is a tangible example of how the synergy between academia and industry can create a better and more sustainable future.