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Internet of Things Solution

Smart Asset Management

A sophisticated software system that incorporates sensors, data acquisition equipment and processing techniques to safely extend asset life and reduce operational costs.

Whilst many companies strive to manage their assets pro-actively, many often find themselves managing reactively. Maintenance strategies are implemented to help companies maximize productivity and safely extend asset life; with monitoring forming the foundation of these strategies through the use of highly accurate and reliable sensors, monitors and analytical software.

Designed with a focus on speed to action management, we are using the latest data analytics system which continuously streams dynamic information about your asset, in real time.

It provides the ultimate solution for the move between raw data and insight driven actions – allowing you to acquire, analyse and act on intelligence quickly and with confidence.

The main displays are exclusively configured for every project in order to meet your assets individual requirements. Created with a flexible interface you can view your data in a variety of formats including moving graphics, 3D models, integrated maps, graphs, reports and alerts.

The system is compatible with third party software and has been created to include integration with legacy systems.

Benefits of smart asset management system:

  • Quality data provides the opportunity to predict failure
  • Gives confidence to plan preventative maintenance
  • Allows faster reactions to maintenance needs
  • Optimisation of repair and maintenance strategies
  • Reduced failures / increased safety / reduced costs / minimised downtime

This software is utilized for the following applications:

  • Bridges : providing of structural monitoring of bridges through construction and operation.
  • Buildings : providing of comprehensive of structural health monitoring solutions for buildings.
  • Tunnels : providing of specialist structural monitoring systems and expertise, to help ensure tunnel longevity and safety, as well as optimising operational management.
  • Railways : to maximise performance and safety levels whilst improving maintenance efficiency.
  • Wind turbines : providing of structural health monitoring solutions for a wide range of offshore structures ensuring safe asset operation, minimal risk and cost-effective maintenance programmes.

MWS(CAA Subsidiary) IOT Solution

  • IOT Module for SmartAccess l SmartKey l SmartCam
  • IOT Gateway for Industrial for CEMS