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CAA has funded many  telco projects in recent years. They are listed below :

  • Regulator and Local Government
    CAA has been known as one of consultant for regulatory body. CAA has performed many consultancy project such as :
    - The 3G tender consultant (Postel, 2005) – calculating the reserved price of 3G Tender. All participants were very
    happy with the this price. The tender has been done in January 2006 with
    great success.
    - What have been done :
    - Benchmarking with neighbor countries
    - Comparison study with 2G frequency levy
    - Considering the purchasing power
    - Considering the economic visibility of the 3G business
    - The cellular operator performance audit in East Indonesia (Postel-2007) concerning network performance, billing &
    customer care services.
    - The study of frequency levy both for Cellular and FWA (Postel-2005) – make a revolutionary change in FWA
    frequency levy.
    - The competition rules in Telecommunication Industry – (BRTI-2005)
    - The pioneer in Tower Co-location Idea. We have implemented this idea in Otorita Batam with success.

  • Indoor Project Management
    - SITAC : Monitoring, reporting the status and making sure that all required documents have been validate
    - CME : Evaluating CME design, Making sure that CME material delivery according to schedule, supervise and validate
    CME installation according to Indosat’s quality standard (grounding system, civil quality, electrical supply, etc.)
    - RF : Evaluating the RF design and validating RF BoQ, making sure that RF material delivery according to schedule,
    supervising and validating RF installation according to Indosat’s quality standard (VSWR measurement, material
    handling, etc.)
    - TRANSMISSION : Evaluating Transmission Planning, Validating Transmission material BoQ, Supervising and
    validating the LOS requirement, Supervising and validating Quality of Pole Installation, Supervising and validating
    Microwave, RBS, and Power System Installation
    - QUALITY : Supervision of Coverage Measurement and validating the coverage measurement result according to
    coverage commitment.
    - UAT and Integration supervising, Project Documentation
    - Online Project Progress Monitoring Administration

  • Smart Telecom- Radio Network and Transmission Design for Java and Bali (2006) – again the first local company with RNP design capabilities and performed the project.
    - Nominal Design
    - Link Budget Calculation
    - Coverage Prediction using mentum Planet.
    - Model Tuning for different areas, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya
    - Search ring validation
    - Final Design

  • Sampoerna Telekom - Transmission Audit in Sumatera (2007) – Resolve many installation, control, tilting and design problems.
  • Managed Services
    - Telkomsel - mentum Planet since 2007
    CAA help clients in managing client network planning activities. We assign 4 engineers to Telkomsel to help them
    maximizing the usage of the tool. We not only involve in the process but also suggest many ideas to the benefit of
    our clients.
    - XL-CarrierIQ since 2010
    Monitoring network performance and present the report to client management.
    - Huawei Services – Aexio since 2010
    Managing network parameter by using network parameter tool from Aexio, called Xeda.

  • Engineering Support
    - IndosatTraffic Management since 2011
    - XL - InfiniteInsight Data mining since 2011
    - ICON+, GIS Inventory Management since 2013