Mentum Fusion

Improving operational efficiency by unleashing the intelligence offered through coverage maps and network simulations

Efficient wireless network management has become a vital differentiator for operators faced with the incessant growth of mobile data traffic and the urgent need to reduce transport costs by migrating networks to next-generation technologies, such as IP/Ethernet backhaul or LTE and LTE-Advanced networks.  Mentum Fusion automates repetitive tasks and streamlines access to important information, offering operators a new level of network intelligence that will allow them to streamline processes, reduce engineering tool OPEX and further improve the customer experience.

Mentum Fusion provides operators with a platform that automatically aggregates nationwide network configurations and creates real-time coverage maps and statistics. Mentum Fusion makes it easier to produce, integrate, access, analyze and modify the information derived from air-interface simulations, measurements and the related network configuration. In essence, Mentum Fusion is the management platform that consolidates all of the most valuable assets that make up your wireless reach.

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